Design Flexibility

Daikin VRV Home is designed in such a way to complement your existing space in an enduring way. It provides easy installation of up to 8 indoor units to a single outdoor unit.

Piping Length

VRV Home series features broad design flexibility with long refrigerant combinations, which provides substantial liberty in home design.

As many as 8 indoor units can be connected to a single outdoor unit, making the VRV Home a remarkably versatile system. Total capacity index of connectable indoor units must be 50% to 140 % of the capacity index of the outdoor unit.

Long piping design possible

The VRV Home provides long piping length range of 40 m, with a total piping length of 100 m. If the outdoor unit is installed above indoor units, the level difference can be up to a maximum of 30 m. These plentiful allowances enable a wide variety of system designs.

Total pipe length: 100mtr

  • Level difference between outdoor and indoor unit is 30 m
  • Maximum piping length between the indoor unit and the first branch is 20 m.

Brazing Free Installation

Daikin’s next-gen Brazing Free Installation is another testament of its superior quality innovation. Flare connection-based header pack removes the need of brazing, leading to quick, safe & quality installation.

Connection Ratio

With VRV Home, one has flexibility to connect up to 140% capacity of indoor units and take advantage of the redundancy of usage (Connection capacity from 50% to 140%).

Wide Operation Temperature Range

The versatile operation range of the VRV Home system reduces limitations on installation locations. The operation temperature range for heating goes all the way down to 0°C, while cooling can be done with outdoor temperatures as high as 49°C.

Single Phase Power Supply

Daikin VRV Home’s indoor units as well as outdoor units operate on single phase power supply. This enables VRV Home adaptation at places where 3-phase power supply is not available.

Other Features are :


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