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VRV Home is an air-conditioning solution which packages engineering and luxury together. An ideal solution to make your home a comfortable place according to your needs without covering much space. Unlike any traditional split air conditioning solution, it does not need dedicated outdoor unit with each indoor unit, but a single outdoor unit controls multiple indoor units instead. It does not only provide energy efficiency, but utilizes space efficiently too and gives no hassle during installation.

  • Best Central Air Conditioner Brands


    Explore next level of energy-efficient air conditioning with Daikin VRV Home. The next-gen air conditioning system achieve this through various means, including Swing Compressor, DC Fan Motor, Sine Wave, and efficient heat exchanger.
  • Best Central Air Conditioner Brands


    Now no need to compromise on the décor of your space as Daikin VRV Home allows you connect 8 indoor units to a single outdoor unit. Moreover, Daikin’s revolutionary brazing free installation ensures quick, safe & quality installation.
  • Best Central Air Conditioner Brands


    Say yes to best-in-class human comfort with Daikin’s precise temperature control feature. Enjoy year-round air conditioning with heat pump version that maintains comfortable room temperature during summer and winter season.
  • Best Central Air Conditioner Brands


    Get the comfort of centralized air conditioning that gives your space and flexibility to create the perfect home you desire. With its centralized outdoor unit, VRV Home series provides neat and clean look and saves space to make room for other essentials.
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