5 Central air conditioning tips for the Monsoon

September 07, 2022 | 09:00 AM


It’s that time of the year again! The sun gods have shown us some mercy and paved their way for the mighty monsoons. For most of us, this relief from the heat is as enjoyable as any other celebration. Every season change brings along with it some lifestyle changes too. Like for example, white sundresses and high heels might find their way back into the closet, cold water jugs may soon become room temperature and your electricity bill may see a dip due to the stoppage of air conditioning.

While that last one might be a much-needed relief for our middle-class Indian parents, it doesn’t have to be the case. In the sense that, even though the monsoons have just set in, you might still need your ACs for some time during the day or night, and statistics show that just like it is the case in most places abroad, India too is moving towards a year-round usage of a central air conditioning system.

While most offices in cities like Delhi and Mumbai have already been privy to the high efficiency central AC, homes too are opting for the same. The Daikin VRV Home System combines up to 8 outdoor units in one single unit with a patented VRV system, making all-round cooling relatively easy and affordable. To continue using your central air conditioning system at home during monsoons, here are 5 tips.

  • Do a maintenance check – first and foremost it is important for you to do your regular maintenance on any high efficiency central AC. Specially after the summers, it is not uncommon for the AC to have some wear and tear. Daikin service engineers are technical experts trained in our production factories to do a thorough check-up and clean-up of your central AC. The Daikin Annual Service Plan also comes with timely updates and maintenance benefits that will ensure a hassle-free service for you.
  • Clean air filters and/or ducts – many times your central air conditioning system might be running in top form, but you may not be reaping its benefits completely. This is because while the outdoor unit is healthy, the duct vent and your indoor air filters might have caught some dirt and dust. This is specially not uncommon in a country like India where pollution levels are pretty high. The simple fix is a dusting brush and a damp cloth that’s not too wet. Simply dust out the vents and give it a clean swipe and you’ll be back to experiencing optimal cooling. Doing this cleaning activity at least once a month is recommended.
  • Play with the control functions – while it is hot during the summers and the monsoons in India, the temperature and heating conditions are totally different. The moisture in the air during monsoons is much higher, creating a faster condensation process in your central air conditioning system. But with Daikin’s state-of-the-art technology, a click of the button can make things better. Instead of living in a cool but damp home, adjust your cooling settings with various modes such as fan variation, humidity control etc. Customize your central AC to your needs.
  • Find the apt temperature – humidity control and fan speeds may vary, but it is best to find your sweet spot temperature that’s not too cold during the monsoons. If your average AC temperature during the summers was between 18 to 21 degrees, then perhaps a temperature range of 23 to 25 degrees will be much more comfortable during the monsoons. Finding the right temperature will make it easier for you and the machine, that’ll no longer be fluctuating with the inverter technology on a daily basis.
  • Cover your outdoor unit – this is perhaps the most basic tip that you already know. Most single outdoor units are placed on our balconies and while we cannot cover them entirely, it is best to ensure that there is some level of protection on the top. Rest, they are designed to take the harsh weather, hence there’s no need to worry.
  • Bonus tip! Spread the word – many homes with central air conditioning systems are still under the misconception that their AC needs to be turned off during the monsoons. This is not at all necessary. Many high efficiency central ACs like the Daikin VRV Home system are capable of adjusting to the outside temperature and perform all cooling capabilities to their optimum.
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