5 tips to choose your central air conditioning system

June 08, 2022 | 04:00 AM


2022 has proved to be one of the hottest years for India and other countries across the subcontinent. Amongst other things, this also means that the sales of air conditioning and cooling systems have shot up innumerably to give citizens some respite from the heat. However, it is worth noting that for an average middle-class to upper middle-class family of four, installing two air conditioners at home has almost become a necessity.

With an abundance of cooling options available today, this shouldn’t be a concern, right? Yet, it is a massive concern due to the alarmingly increasing rate of electricity units. Two ACs used across the two peak months of summer inadvertently increases your electricity bill by almost 2x, sometimes even more. This is especially true for those households whose first air conditioning unit would have likely been a window AC which in today’s day and age isn’t very energy efficient as compared to a split AC.

With all this being said, and the heat levels predicted to rise in the coming years, an unconventional solution which has been gaining popularity in the past couple of years is installing a central air conditioning system. Simply put, a central air conditioner, now available not just for commercial spaces, but also for homes, is a system where multiple outdoor units can be clubbed into one single outdoor unit that can connect up to eight indoor units.

The best central air conditioning units are those which save space, are less noisy, provide effective air circulation, and most importantly, are highly energy efficient. To help you make a guided decision of installing a central air conditioning system for your home, here are 5 tips to consider.

  • Trust the brand – the first and foremost on your checklist should be to settle on a trustworthy brand to install the complex technology of a centralized air conditioner. Daikin, being the pioneers of the patented VRV home technology, have been leading experts of the best central air conditioning units for over three decades. The latest VRV X Home Air Conditioners take technology a step further, making it all about comfort from installation to long-term use and service.
  • Know your space – the primary benefit of the VRV Home centralized AC is that it helps save space. The single outdoor, trunk-shaped unit is fit to be installed on your private terrace or balcony and can either occupy minimum floor space or can be hung on the wall. What you need to settle on is whether the interior design of your home is suitable to install multiple indoor units with a connecting ductwork, drop-in ceiling work, or wall-mounted work.
  • Choose your indoor unit wisely – the Daikin VRV Home Air Conditioner gives up to six models of outdoor units to choose from which can be easily decided by your balcony floor and wall space as well as cooling capacity required. When it comes to indoor units, up to eight indoor units can be installed and they come in three varieties.
    • Slim, Ceiling-Mounted Duct Type – this type of indoor unit is suited to use in drop-ceilings and is only 700mm in width and 23kgs in weight, best for limited spaces. Another variation of 200mm in height is also available which can be installed in rooms with as little as 240mm depth between the drop-ceiling and ceiling slab. This type of indoor unit is best known for its slim design, quiet cooling and static pressure switching.
    • Mid Static Pressure Ceiling Mounted Duct Type – this type of indoor unit allows for a flexible duct design with all only 300mm in height, now available with a reduced weight of only 28kgs. The drain pan coated with antibacterial treatment can be detached easily for cleaning as well.
    • Wall Mounted Type – this last type of indoor unit is a stylish flat panel design that is perfectly harmonized with your interior décor with no pressure on your ceiling model.
  • Check the energy efficiency – it goes without saying that to make an investment in a central air conditioning system, looking at its returns, is a must. The VRV Home AC comes with the DC Fan Motor that reduces energy consumption and provides improvements in operational efficiency of up to 40% as compared to a regular AC motor. Other features like the Swing Compressor, Reluctance DC Motor for Compressor, efficient Heat Exchanger etc. also contribute to its high energy savings.
  • Opt for add-ons - while you install the best central air conditioning units, make sure you get the full perks of it. This includes advanced features like nighttime quiet operation, customized contemporary design to match your interiors, smart control to operate from anywhere etc.

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