Daikin VRV Home takes smart conditioning to a new level

January 31, 2019 | 12:45 PM


The world is moving at a faster pace and life is becoming easier and comfier than ever. Thanks to advanced smartphones, superfast cars, newer power generation techniques, and not to forget smart air conditioning. Yes, in recent times, air conditioning has undergone unprecedented levels of innovation by giving people supreme levels of Cooling, Comfort and Convenience.

Daikin India, a pioneering player in residential and commercial air conditioning, is committed to delivering air conditioning solutions that promise to uplift the quality of life all around the world. In line to its commitment to bring innovation in home air conditioning, Daikin has come up with VRH Home that replaces multiple outdoor units with a single outdoor unit, maintaining the picturesque view of the building.

VRV Home is ideally suited for residents as if offers panoply of indoor units, which can be connected with a centralized outdoor unit. In short, it can be considered as an all-inclusive solution that provides Cooling, Comfort, Control and Convenience in one single system. Let’s see what other features this air conditioning system has.

Cooling comfort like nothing else

The sophisticated cooling technology of VRV Home is sure to make your place a place like no other as it ensures an even air flow distribution control. One can enjoy the benefits of centralized air conditioning by connecting multiple indoor units to a single outdoor unit. This promises ultimate cooling comfort.

Design Flexibility

VRV Home series boasts of broad design flexibility with long range refrigerant groupings, which enables unprecedented levels of liberty in home design. By connecting multiple indoor units to a single outdoor unit, you won’t need to compromise on the existing décor of your space.

In addition, Daikin’s advanced Brazing Free Installation is another testament of brand’s domain superiority. Its Flare connection-based header pack removes the need of brazing, resulting into quick, safe & quality installation.

High energy efficiency

The revolutionary swing compressor in VRV Home not only reduces friction but also prevents leakage of refrigerant gas during compression. Altogether, it results into quiet and efficient operation. IT DC fan motor also provides improvements in operational efficiency of up to 40%, compared to AC motor.

Hide and sleek design

The units are compact and slim enough to fit into any false ceiling, awards you more space and flexibility to create the perfect home you desire. With this, it can be said that function and aesthetics can exist in beautiful harmony.

So, embrace level of smart air conditioning with Daikin VRV Home.

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Did you know that Daikin VRV home lifestyle solutions offer individual temperature control of the air conditioning zones?

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