Energy saving in VRF, Daikin VRF system types, and why to choose a VRV/VRF air conditioning system for your homes!

August 27, 2020 | 07:00 AM


Air-conditioning is the best modern invention so far and you wouldn’t disagree! From making our lives more comfortable to adding to the aesthetics of our interiors, modern air conditioners - from window units to a central air conditioning system - are more energy efficient and cost effective than ever before, so your energy bill doesn’t have to go up while you cool down. Here, you will find the answer to all your questions that you might have on the VRV central air conditioning system.

VRF & Energy Efficiency

Variable refrigerant flow (VRF), a retrofit-friendly HVAC technology that’s still relatively young in the market, can reduce HVAC energy costs a lot. The mature technology has a long history in Europe and Japan but has yet to corner the market in India, in part because of its higher upfront cost compared to conventional HVAC systems.

However, VRF has the potential to deliver long-term savings, so the higher upfront cost may be worth it - especially for facilities with varied heating and cooling loads or organizations pursuing a green building certification. Discover the options for VRF systems and see how this energy-efficient technology could fit into your facility. These air-conditioning systems come with an inverter technology-based compressor developed by Daikin in 1982. These systems are for building applications and come with improved individual zone control, which helps in maintaining the climate of overall building efficiently.

Buildings where zoning is important can benefit, especially if the zones are small spaces. VRF HVAC is also a good fit for sound-sensitive applications because the small indoor fans and inverter-driven compressors produce much less noise than traditional HVAC systems.

Types of VRV residential air conditioning systems

  • Cooling only systems - These systems can only cool. Heating is not available. Fan and Dry modes are available for each indoor unit independently.
  • Heat Pump systems - All the indoor units can either heat, or cool at a particular time. Fan and Dry modes are available for each indoor unit independently.
  • Heat Recovery systems – These systems are the most sophisticated ones, where cooling and heating may be available by each indoor unit, independently, at the same time.

Thus, if you’re looking for a single system that offers a combination of heating, cooling, and ventilation, then you should opt for a VRV system. It not only offers an ultimate temperature control solution that is suitable for any building, but it is also highly energy-efficient in the long run.

Daikin VRV system and why choose it?

First launched in Japan in 1982, Daikin VRV system now offers an enhanced line-up to meet the ever widening needs of the cosmopolitan consumer.

  • VRV Home: VRV Home replaces all the outdoor units of the house with just one outdoor unit where different styles of indoor units like duct type and hi-wall can be connected with a single outdoor unit. The trunk-shaped outdoor unit can be easily be installed on a balcony, realizing complete system installation within each floor. While the compact outdoor unit can be hanged on the wall eliminating need for floor space, which enables more useful utilisation of the space on the building rooftop.
  • VRV X: VRV X series also integrates with 1st VRV IoT solution that enables automated air-conditioning systems with data analytics-driven to maximize operating efficiency using performance monitoring and predictive features.
  • VRV S: Ideal for light commercial and residential projects
  • VRV integration with AHU: Ideal for small to large commercial spaces. Daikin offers a range of R410A VRV Condensing Units for use in conjunction with Air Handling Units.
  • VRV IV: Next generation VRV with revolutionary VRT technology.
  • VRV W: Water cooled VRV III is an individual air conditioning system that utilises water as a heat source.

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