Is installing central air conditioning system a good choice for homes?

December 06, 2023 | 11:45 AM


In today’s fast-paced words, several technologies have come up that make our lives easy and comfortable. Be it visiting a distant place, getting something delivered at doorstep, or controlling the indoor environment with the touch of a button, these technologies have brought in unprecedented levels of comfort in our lives. One such technology is air conditioning which helps people keep themselves cool and comfortable when the outside temperature is scorching. The use of air conditioning systems has become a new norm in today’s lives.

Be it a small home or a big one, you can easily find an air conditioning system there. Primarily, there are two types of air conditioning systems regarding their size – central air conditioning system and split air conditioning system. A centralized air conditioning system is of bigger size and capacity which means it can be used to cool an entire floor or even an entire building. On the other hand, a split AC is designed to cool a particular room due to its smaller size. In most cases, a central AC is installed in commercial spaces like shopping malls, community centers, hotels, and other such places. But people remain confused about using a central AC in residential units.

Are central air conditioning systems ideal for homes?

As it has been already mentioned, a central air conditioning system differentiates itself from other types of ACs just because of its size. There is no restriction on the use of a central AC in a home. But its installing is quite complex which may increase its installation cost along with the running cost. This is why experts don’t recommend using a central AC in homes unless the home is too big, and the owner is willing to spend heavy amount on its installation and maintenance.

Typical Disadvantages of Using a Central Air Conditioner in Home

You may face a few issues while using a central AC in your home.

  • 1. High cost – First and foremost, both installing and maintaining a central AC is an expensive affair. A central air conditioner may be inclusive of a number of things that work together to constitute the whole system. In addition, running a central AC requires a large sum of money which means high energy bills, costly repair, high running cost, and obviously high installation and uninstallation expenses.
  • 2. Complex installation – it is not easy to install a central AC which means your home may face a number of modifications to make space for ducts. Overall, this is a highly complex job which needs to be done a professional AC company or professional. Same goes for AC repair and maintenance as it is not possible for an ordinary air conditioning experts to manage a central AC. There are central AC specialists who know every & every aspect of central air conditioning and perform the required job in a prescribed manner.
  • 3. More wear and tear – A central AC always need to be overlooked by a professional central AC company that may employ a team of experts. Running a central AC is a complex thing which means the AC tends to wear heavy wear and tear and you may call the management company more often.
  • 4. Noise - Central air conditioners sometimes produce a certain level of noise during operation. The AC unit may produce noises like clicks, clunks, squeals, or shudders during starting. A steady, gentle hum during operation is quite a norm, as does the odd gurgling. However, it is recommended to watch out for loud noises or unexpected, strange noises. They can indicate major issues with the AC.
  • 5. Bad odor - For the sole reason that they occasionally originate from sources other than the air conditioner itself, central air smells may be very perplexing. Rather, the HVAC ductwork is circulating odours throughout the house. A few instances are the smell of a leaking natural gas line or the lingering cigarette stench from someone smoking indoors.

Is there any alternative to central air conditioning system?

Yes. Daikin, world’s leading air conditioning brand has come up with a revolutionary air conditioning system – VRV Home, which helps both residential and commercial users to have the benefits of central air conditioning without spending a fortune. This revolutionary air conditioning system allows users to connect multiple indoor units to a single outdoor unit. One can connect up to 8 indoor units to one VRV system resulting in more cost savings and space savings.

There are different models of VRV system to choose from. Depending on the no. of rooms, required cooling performance, one can choose a specific model of Daikin VRV and enjoy the features of a central air conditioning system without getting into its complexity and high cost.

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