Pocket friendly ideas to enhance your central air conditioning system

September 30, 2022 | 11:30 AM


The scorching heat and the extremely warm weather can give anyone a hard time bearing with the weather. Besides being extremely hot, summers are also a costly affair in India. If we pay a closer attention to our expenses, more than half of our expenses consist of heating or cooling bills.

You can not do without a proper central air conditioning system in most of the parts of India, in the summer season. Using a high efficiency central AC, consequently, acquires the major portion of the energy expense of any household.  It is, therefore, necessary to find out effective and budget friendly solutions for maintaining and enhancing the air conditioning efficiency.

There are several ways to improve the efficiency of the central air conditioning system which cost nothing and help you in obtaining the most out of your air conditioning system. We'll discuss some of the no cost ways of improving the efficiency of the air conditioning system in this blog. These recommendations will significantly help in improving the central air conditioning system while keeping them healthy in the warm weather at the same time.

Let us briefly know about some of these ways one by one.

  • Keep the outdoor space clean: The outdoor space of the central air conditioning system needs to be cleaned as and when required, as the air conditioning system will work at its best, only when the outdoor unit is clean and free from any debris.
  • Do not keep the indoor vents blocked: In order to maintain the steady air flow in the system, make sure you clean the indoor unit to get rid of the dust and debris. It is advised to keep items like furniture, toys, blindfolds etc. away from the vents, so that the airflow is not blocked.
  • Minimize the use of hot appliances: It is recommended to lessen the use of hot appliances like microwave oven and hair dryer in the hottest hours as they warm the air to be drawn into the pace, thus making the central air conditioning system to work harder and ultimately consume more power.
  • Keep the drain line cleaned: To maintain high efficiency of the central air conditioning system, the drain of the indoor cooling coil, which is generally mounted above the furnace in the basement, needs to be cleaned from time. People usually avoid this, but it needs to be cleaned.
  • Keep the blinds and curtains closed: During the time of the day when there is excess heat, when the sun hits the windows of the home directly, it is advised to keep the curtains and blinds closed to prevent some of the heat from entering inside the home.
  • Keep the exposed ductwork insulated: If there is any duct work that is running in an open surrounding, then it should be properly sealed, so that it does not leak any of the air-conditioned air. It is recommended that the ductwork must be insulated properly with a thick duct insulating material.

It does not take a lot, neither in terms of cost, nor in terms of efforts, to make your central air conditioning system work efficiently. The above-mentioned tips were some simple and effective ways to make the most out of your central air conditioning system. These tips are absolutely cost free and are quite effective.

Apart from these tips, one of the major things that you can take care of is opting for a high efficiency central AC. Every single product of Daikin is a high efficiency central AC, which gives the best cooling effect with minimum energy consumption.

So if you are searching for a high efficiency central AC, then Daikin is the brand you're looking for. It is a one-stop brand to fulfill your requirement of high efficiency central AC.

So what are you waiting for? Plan to get respite of the hot weather, and purchase a high efficiency central AC today. For more details, you can visit our website and if needed, you can contact us for more assistance.

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