Why should you choose VRV air conditioning system?

April 23, 2021 | 07:30 AM


VRV is a air conditioning system is becoming more popular with every passing day. A lot of people are confused between VRF HVAC and VRV. To understand the basic difference, VRV (variable refrigerant volume) and VRF (variable refrigerant flow) are two different terms that we use for the same HVAC system technology for a simple reason that VRV is a term primarily owned and registered by Daikin. In this blog we will discuss the key reasons to invest in a VRV system,


VRF systems are energy efficient in the sense that they consume less energy for a varied reason. The VRV system is designed to distribute the exact amount of cooling that is required, meaning it will consumer lower power and is run less frequently. The VRV HVAC system is also designed in a way that takes heat from the cooling process and reuses it for other heat consuming purposes in the system.


In a traditional air conditioner the indoor air handlers are noisy and create a lot of noise during its hour of operation. Whereas, in a VRV air conditioning system, the condensing unit that is noisy is kept outside. The indoor air handlers are small thus creating no or minimal sound and more quitter ambience.


The VRV air conditioning system can capture the residue heat that is absorbed from the air during the cooling process and navigates it to the other part of your space that needs heat. To make this more clear you can chill and relax in your room while, the next room is heated for rest of the people in your family who don’t like the cold. This is highly useful for office purposes where you can heat the window offices while air conditions the central conference room for your large meeting with big setups.


The VRV HVAC system has a compressor that can auto detect the suitable and required amount of refrigerant needed for every room. This leads to a consistent temperature build up and equal air distribution. You will not end up feeling too cold at one spot and too humid at another.


Since the VRV is meant to function only when needed, there is comparatively less wearing and tearing on the parts.


The VRV air conditioning systems are smaller and don’t generally need ducts or wall or ceiling space. This means you don’t need to compromise on the high ceilings in your buildings.


For home spaces, you can enjoy mobile control technology that allows you to control temperature from your mobile. For commercial spaces, the in built VRV controls save you from buying expensive building management software.

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