An apartment or a house that does not have enough space will find it difficult to accommodate numerous outdoor units. Even if the outdoor units are somehow crowded together, they will consume a lot of space, look cluttered and ruin the aesthetics of the house.
Offering the

 best central air conditioner units,VRV Home replaces all the outdoor units of the house with just one outdoor unit. A total of 8 indoor units can be connected to one outdoor unit to create the space you have always desired. Also, you have different styles of indoor units like duct type and hi-wall that can be connected with a single outdoor unit. Furthermore, actual piping length of up to 40 meters coverage of widespread spaces is ensured.

The trunk-shaped outdoor unit can be easily be installed on a balcony, realizing complete system installation within each floor. While the compact outdoor unit can be hanged on the wall eliminating need for floor space, which enables more useful utilization of the space on the building rooftop.
Outdoor unit can be selected from six models to provide the power that suits your needs. The trunk-shaped outdoor unit can be neatly installed outside.
Model Cooling only Heat Pump
Power Supply 220-240V & 50Hz, 1 Phase 220-240V & 50Hz, 1 Phase
Cooling Capacity(kW) 11.2 14.0 16.0 11.2 14.0 16.0
Heating Capacity(kW) - - - 11.2 14.0 16.0
Casing Color Ivory White Ivory White
Dimension (H*W*D) 990*940*320 990*940*320
Heat Exchanger Cross Fin Coil(multi slit) Cross Fin Coil(multi slit)
Type Propeller Fan X1 Propeller Fan X1
Motor Output(W) 200 200
Air Flow Rate (m3/min) 76 76
Drive Direct Drive Direct Drive
Connecting Pipes
Liquid Pipe(Flare Connection) 9.5 9.5
Gas Pipe (Flare Connection) 15.9 15.9
Max actual pipe length (m) 40 40
Total Pipe length (m) 100 100
Weight (kg) 72 72 79 73 73 82
Sound pressure level dB(A) 52 54 55 52 54 55
Capacity control(%) 24-100 16-100 24-100 16-100
Combination ratio(%) 50-140%
Temp range Cooling(CDB) 0 to 49 0 to 49
Temp range Heating(CDB) NA 0 to 20
Refrigerant Type R410A R410A R410A R410A R410A R410A
Compressor Type Hermetically Sealed Swing Type
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Did you know that Daikin VRV home lifestyle solutions offer individual temperature control of the air conditioning zones?

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